My first solo trip – Kodaikanal

Trips with family has been an integral part all through my life. But a solo one, without family or friends, was something I wanted to do for long. Considering the type of society I live in and the trouble my family and relatives take to gel into the society by following every rule ever laid down by it, my trip was spun out of lies at every stage. In India, our elders never let go of us, howsoever we may grow up. They still want to have a control over their younger generation. The invention and popularization of mobile phones have made the matters worse too. A true evil which has become an indivisible part of existence for humans today.

So, right from the planning stage to execution stage, I had to lie to various people at various points. I did not want them to overdo the worrying part and try to hold me back from doing this. Where I am going, why I am going, with whom I am going, when I return, when i sleep, what I eat… the list never ends. Ohh come on! I am not a kid! I crossed my 30 couple of years back! But still I need to fight for that ounce of freedom to move out of  the plans chalked out by my elders. This is exactly what has made me rebel  in the past at every point and shaped my choices.

One KSRTC bus to theni, One SETC from Theni to Batlagundu and another SETC from Batlagundu to Kodaikanal, I set my first free foot on the soil of Kodaikanal at 6.35 am of a misty Thursday morning. Scoring through trivago for a couple of days pointed me to the best possible deal at goibibo. An awesome stay at Raaja purnima residency for just INR 700 per night. Google map guided my walk from the bus stand to the residency. A lazy morning stroll, through the roads I have walked before, savoring each breath of freedom. For my last trip to Kodaikanal is something I would never want to remember – a reason I chose Kodaikanal – to overwrite and make new memories!

I was a little skeptic as to how it would be because it was a first experience for me. But it all turned out exceptionally well- the hospitality, the food and the guidance. Call it providence or luck, I have finally reached the destination of my first solo trip! With some broken Tamil and whole lot of Hindi and English, I start my two days of adventure.