The Journey Begins


I wander, in search of, the path that would lead to ME!

My solo travel started, philosophically, the day I was born. Aren’t we all have supposed to be born alone and die alone? The time gap between these two ultimate events are filled by people and experiences that make and mark our lives. While, some people – family and relatives- we have no choice to choose. It is either a boon or a curse you are sent to the earth with. With all others we definitely have a choice. What matters is how you choose to exercise your choices.

I left my parental home in Delhi, right after my school finished. Then onwards its been a never ending hop from one city to another. I completed my higher education in 4 different cities spanning three different states; then worked in 2 different cities spanning another two different states. I tried my hands at settling also, again my own choice. But then, I realized in a hard way that, the cake was not worth the candle.

So, I have a whole lot of experience in making all sorts of ‘messed up’ choices, being a born strong headed Taurean. I might have more of wrong ones to count than the right ones. But then how can you always predict the outcome? Anyhow, none of that deter me from taking more chances. Atleast I can look back and ahead and without regret, say that I am the only one responsible for the people in my life, my future and my destiny. No, I am not an atheist. I very much believe in that supreme existence, which guided me through each madness and mess I made in life and got me out intact!

My journey has taken me to many awesome and also awful places and experiences. It has added pages after pages to my golden book of memories and nostalgia! Some of which, I do want to share to every other mad nomad looking for something. This space is yet another part of my solo mad journey in search of a missing something in life.